:) + ;) + :P = Creep

18 Oct


So I’ve noticed I’m developing a bad habit.  Ever since my phone added those smiley faces using symbols called “emoticons“.  I’ve begun text smiling way to much.  Who came up with the name Emoticons? Sounds like a female decepticon menstruating who transforms into a tampon and bitches the transformers to death, poor Optimus.  I’m not the only one abusing the smiley face its become wide spread in texting.  And  It doesn’t stop at 🙂 either, seems like everyones text winking 😉  text sad 😦  and text tonguing 😛 .  I don’t smile all that much in real life usually because of fear I have food stuck in my teeth, smiling is also bad for my street cred and I have an image to up hold.  If I text sad as much as some people I know I’d be on suicide watch.  The winking isn’t frowned upon but think about it If I were winking that often in real life you’d think I have nervous tick.  Or wonder whys that creep always winking.  I know this guy he winks all the time and I’m just waiting for him to slip up and let out a gigiddy gig.  The winks are bad but not as sleazy as the sticks tongue out move. How weird would that be if we all just stuck out our tongues like were catching snowflakes. Seriously put your tongue away unless your offering oral.  People shouldn’t use these faces unless the text merits it, don’t abuse the faces. And stop saying lol and Lmfao at everything unless your really laughing out loud or you laughed your fucking ass off.  You know your friends jokes aren’t that funny and the lastthing we needs another emoticon dropping comedian in this world.


One Response to “:) + ;) + :P = Creep”

  1. imperfectflower December 6, 2011 at 7:22 am #

    ;-P those emoticons will get you every time!!! Lol!!

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