Holy hipsters Batman

27 Oct


Cancer, drugs and cyberbullying they all have a great campaign behind them.   I say we start a new one against the Hipsterization of America! Hipsters are destroying our way of life and yet no one has attempted to put a stop to it.  They walk around in their everyday is laundry day meets 1980s wardrobe pretending they don’t care and are all artsy and poor.   Of course they believe they are of a different non-trending breed who’s better than “mainstreamers”.  Going against the norm is the way of the hipster and that is why they pose a threat we must rally against them before it is too late.  Unlike most evil organization there is no Hitler, Bin Laden or Cobra Commander we can identity as head hip and eliminate.   We can’t stop hipsters but we can educate our children and bring national attention before it spreads to more parts of the country.  Occupy Wall streets gaining ground why don’t we start occupy Williamsburg?  Then enlist some big name celebrity like George Cloony or Angelina Jolie to be the face of our cause.  Finally we come up with a catchy slogan that will hit them where it hurts.  Something like “tell a friend hipsters trend.” Once word is out and we expose hipstersisim for what it is it will fade away as all trends do.


One Response to “Holy hipsters Batman”

  1. Elke October 27, 2011 at 12:13 pm #

    U mean you dont like skinny jeans, tight shirt, nerd glasses wearing youth of today? Lol good me either lol they all look like urkels!

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