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Lifes too short. Sellout our morals.

11 Nov


No Ashley madison is not one of the Olsen twins.   It’s a controversial dating website marketed towards married people looking for affairs.  I do not agree with there brand message in anyway.  Cheating should not be easy, its bad enough Craigslist simplified sexual encounters for free.   What did you really think the main purpose of CL is finding jobs or renting out apartments?  Now someone asides hookers, pimps, private Investigators and abortion clinics is cashing in on infidelity.  Cheating will happen with or without Ashley Madison so to each his own you want to cheat so be it. My problem is this companies grimey advertisements and marketing strategy.  The slogan “Lifes short.  Have an affair” does not sit well with me.  Ads influencing cheating should not be accessible for all to see in a public place at anytime.  Ashley Madisons CEO Noel Biderman has made numerous attempts to bring his brand to the masses.  He tried to purchase $250,000 in ads on Torontos transit system.  After being rejected he proposed to subsidize ticket prices by a reduction of 25 cents a ticket, again Torontos transit council said no and I applaud them.  Also in 2009 NBC rejected a superbowl commercial proposed by AshMad.  Last year in what I’m sure was a publicity stunt Biderman put a bid in for the naming rights of the new home to the New York Giants and Jets,  picture that AshleyMadison stadium of course another rejection.   That didn’t stop them from offering the city of Phoenix 10 million dollars to rename their aiport for 5 years, “Now landing in lovely Ashley”.  Like the airport most companys have said no to Bidermans money made off broken marriages and his sleazy ads.  I did find an ad in New Yorks free AM NY newspaper depicting an overweight woman in sexy attire with the caption “Did your wife scare you lastnight?”.  I understand AM is free but come on this demoralizing message on the back page of a metro paper?  This is wrong on so many levels.  Ashley Madison has every right to exist and promote themselves, but we do not have to deal with the companies that associate with this filth.  They should stick with pornosites methods and advertise as spam and pop ups on xxx sites. So I shame on them for trying to impose such a trashy message and shame on you Am NY for selling out integrity and forgetting fat people need love too!  


Manning to 85 again

9 Nov


This past Sunday the New York Giants gave Patriots fans a repeat of Superbowl XLII.  Not something I’m sure they were looking foward to since that was the season New England went 18-1.  That one loss we all know came when New York ended NE’s perfect season in the superbowl.  Big blue entered Foxboro a 9 point underdog, no one beats the Patriots at home is what they’d say.  Pats hadn’t lost there in nearly three years a 20 game  winning streak.  Many faces on the Giants have changed since they’re last Superbowl victory but again Eli Manning was at the helm.  Everyone laughed at Manning when he compared himself to the elite quarterbacks like Tom Brady.  On this day just like in the superbowl he showed why you can’t spell elite without Eli.  In both games Manning found his team down with only 2 timeouts and under 3 minutes to go on the clock.  A key player would again don 85 on a Giants uniform.  David Tyree will forever be remembered for what is the greatest catch in superbowl history.  When Manning connected with him on a 34 yard pass that setup the game winning touchdown.  This time tightend Jake Ballard was in the role of  number 85, he made a spectacular grab which netted the G-men 28 yards on a 3rd & 10.  He would then catch the game winning touchdown from Manning in the same left corner of endzone as Plaxico Burress once did to win the championship.  Thanks to Eli Manning to 85 the Giants would cap there second 80 yard game winning drive against the Patriots.  This is the 5th time this season Eli has lead the Giants from behind late in the 4th to win the game.  Theres a familiar feeling to this current Giants team as the Superbowl one, hopefully the outcome will be the Super. 

Kim Kardashians Golden vagina

1 Nov


I was looking foward to blogging about basketball but sadly thanks to this greed filled lockout not much to say.  The season was scheduled  to open today and the biggest NBA news is Kim Kardashian files for divorce from NJ Nets Kris Humphries.  So this brings me to share a theory of mine.  I believe that Kim Kardashian has a midas pussy,  everything it touches turns to gold.  First look at her career sure she’s the daughter of one of OJ Simpsons lawyers from that famous trial.  It wasn’t even the cool lawyer, then she’d be Kim Cockhran which is a fitting lastname.  So no one heard of this chick until she pulls a Paris Hilton amateur porn tape.  Once that hit the internet we all knew who she was.  Let’s be honest you downloaded the clip I admit I did for blogging research of course, perverts!  So her magical vagina kicked off a multimillion dollar empire.  Kim’s made more money off sex then all of Charlie Sheens prostitutes combined.  For a chick who’s done nothing except sex on camera once she’s done pretty good for herself.  Her goods have so much influence that even the rest of the Kardashian family is cashing in on it.  The E network should have a golden mold of her cooch in front of their headquarters the way they pimp her out.  Now for an analysis of her midas touch through the men that once had it.  Her soon to be ex-husband Kris Humphries had his best season with Kim, coincedence I think not.  Kris also got tons of tv time on Kardashians reality tv show, considering no one watches the Nets this got him some recognition.  Too bad it took all but two months of marriage for this guy to lose that midas touch.  How’d Kim and up marrying this dude anyway, her sisterbrother landed 3 time champ Lamar Odom. Maybe that nickname of his “Incredible Hump” really isn’t a play on his name.  Speaking of sex Kims costar in porno was Ray J who’s only claim to fame is being Brandys little brother.  What did he gain you ask? Well he got a new label “the guy who banged Kim Kardashian on internet” substantial improvement over “brandys little brother”.  He also had his own show for awhile on VH1 which means he jumped from a Z-lister to a D-lister.  Next we have Reggie Bush who was a star football player before Kim.  However under the influence of her vagina he helped the saints win a superbowl.  Life after Kim was not so kind his career stunk, lost his heismen trophy due to a scandal, got traded to worst team in NFL.  Then this Saturday he’s spotted having dinner with Kim and Walaah!  The following day he has his best game in years.  That is one powerful pussy folks, its changed more lives then the make a wish foundation.  One day well find out Kim Kardashian holds the cure to cancer between her legs too bad you have to contract an std in the tradeoff.