Manning to 85 again

9 Nov


This past Sunday the New York Giants gave Patriots fans a repeat of Superbowl XLII.  Not something I’m sure they were looking foward to since that was the season New England went 18-1.  That one loss we all know came when New York ended NE’s perfect season in the superbowl.  Big blue entered Foxboro a 9 point underdog, no one beats the Patriots at home is what they’d say.  Pats hadn’t lost there in nearly three years a 20 game  winning streak.  Many faces on the Giants have changed since they’re last Superbowl victory but again Eli Manning was at the helm.  Everyone laughed at Manning when he compared himself to the elite quarterbacks like Tom Brady.  On this day just like in the superbowl he showed why you can’t spell elite without Eli.  In both games Manning found his team down with only 2 timeouts and under 3 minutes to go on the clock.  A key player would again don 85 on a Giants uniform.  David Tyree will forever be remembered for what is the greatest catch in superbowl history.  When Manning connected with him on a 34 yard pass that setup the game winning touchdown.  This time tightend Jake Ballard was in the role of  number 85, he made a spectacular grab which netted the G-men 28 yards on a 3rd & 10.  He would then catch the game winning touchdown from Manning in the same left corner of endzone as Plaxico Burress once did to win the championship.  Thanks to Eli Manning to 85 the Giants would cap there second 80 yard game winning drive against the Patriots.  This is the 5th time this season Eli has lead the Giants from behind late in the 4th to win the game.  Theres a familiar feeling to this current Giants team as the Superbowl one, hopefully the outcome will be the Super. 


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