Lifes too short. Sellout our morals.

11 Nov


No Ashley madison is not one of the Olsen twins.   It’s a controversial dating website marketed towards married people looking for affairs.  I do not agree with there brand message in anyway.  Cheating should not be easy, its bad enough Craigslist simplified sexual encounters for free.   What did you really think the main purpose of CL is finding jobs or renting out apartments?  Now someone asides hookers, pimps, private Investigators and abortion clinics is cashing in on infidelity.  Cheating will happen with or without Ashley Madison so to each his own you want to cheat so be it. My problem is this companies grimey advertisements and marketing strategy.  The slogan “Lifes short.  Have an affair” does not sit well with me.  Ads influencing cheating should not be accessible for all to see in a public place at anytime.  Ashley Madisons CEO Noel Biderman has made numerous attempts to bring his brand to the masses.  He tried to purchase $250,000 in ads on Torontos transit system.  After being rejected he proposed to subsidize ticket prices by a reduction of 25 cents a ticket, again Torontos transit council said no and I applaud them.  Also in 2009 NBC rejected a superbowl commercial proposed by AshMad.  Last year in what I’m sure was a publicity stunt Biderman put a bid in for the naming rights of the new home to the New York Giants and Jets,  picture that AshleyMadison stadium of course another rejection.   That didn’t stop them from offering the city of Phoenix 10 million dollars to rename their aiport for 5 years, “Now landing in lovely Ashley”.  Like the airport most companys have said no to Bidermans money made off broken marriages and his sleazy ads.  I did find an ad in New Yorks free AM NY newspaper depicting an overweight woman in sexy attire with the caption “Did your wife scare you lastnight?”.  I understand AM is free but come on this demoralizing message on the back page of a metro paper?  This is wrong on so many levels.  Ashley Madison has every right to exist and promote themselves, but we do not have to deal with the companies that associate with this filth.  They should stick with pornosites methods and advertise as spam and pop ups on xxx sites. So I shame on them for trying to impose such a trashy message and shame on you Am NY for selling out integrity and forgetting fat people need love too!  


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