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30 Apr

A acquaintance of mine was recently shot and killed earlier this month over an Iphone.  Now this has been going on around the country, but to actually know a victim of such a senseless crime really hit home.  Muggings have always gone on from “give me your watch or wallet” to purse snatchings.  Then we had kids getting killed for sneakers or gold chains but as our phones become more high tech and hold valuable information they took over thief’s priority.  There is a black market for Iphones therefor carrying one or any other expensive smart phone similar to it is a target.

Low life’s dont care folks remember that.   If someone can run up on you while your texting punch you take your phone and run off they will.  Please I beg if you ever have a knife pulled out or gun just give it up don’t be a tough guy a phones worth a few hundred bucks its not worth your life.  I dont care if your a UFC champ your not faster then a bullet you can replace what you lose your family cannot replace you.  In some cases that may not work because you have those looking to inflict violence regardless if you give up your belongings or not.

As this crime wave continues I can only tell people try to not get caught out there warn your kids.  It can happen anywhere at anytime but use common sense.  Avoid flashing your phone in public if its late at night and your in a rough neighborhood.  Police chiefs across the country have warned people not to use the white ear buds synonym-is with Iphone.  I’m not saying dont buy your luxury items just know when to use them, maybe keep a pair of decoy headphones you got for 4 bucks from walmart.  Use those when you feel the need calls for it.

Its sad that I even have to warn people but knowing someone who lost a life over a simple phone woke me up to the reality.  Lets be aware, you wouldn’t wave around 400 dollars cash at 1 am in the hood.  So don’t wave around that eye catching Iphone, know when to keep discrete it may save your life.


Why I miss Saturday mornings. Top 10 toons of my youth

18 Apr

Growing up in the late 80s to mid 90s it was worth waking up Saturday mornings not just for Soultrain but to watch your favorite cartoons. Now with DVR, Netflix, cartoon network etc. it’s just not the same feeling on Saturdays, same goes for the after school tv programming. The quantity of cartoons round the clock has exploded but the quality of animated shows in general has been watered down. Well here’s a reflection of the top ten toons I loved growing up.

10. The real Ghostbusters: Before Ghost hunters there was GhostBusters. Those of us who couldn’t get enough of the movies followed Peter Venkman, Egon, Stan, Winston, slimmer and that hot receptionist in animated version of their Ghost busting adventures.


9. Captain Planet and the planeteers: Captain Planet was fighting pollution before it was cool along with his racially diverse groupies. To this day he has the most epic mullet I’ve ever seen.


8. Mighty Max: He looks like a modern day Dennis the menace but don’t be fooled by his magical backwards hat this show based off the polly pocket toyline was surprisingly good. Teleportation a Viking bodyguard and some kickass action cant go wrong with that.


7. Rugrats: Who didn’t love Tommy Pickles and his gang of babies? It was a cute witty light hearted show full of fun adventures. Sure Nickelodeon tried to milk this hit and spung off a bad “grownup version” but the original is a classic.


6. Batman the animated series: I used to rush home from school to catch this show. Not only is the Dark Knight my favorite comic book character but this was my favorite Super hero show edging out Spiderman and The Xmen. With its gritty stories that followed the comics closely and superb voice acting this was a top notch cartoon.


5. Animaniacs:
A edgy slapstick variety show featured some great characters like the Goodfeathers and Pinky and the brain provided tons of laughs. I have friends still quote them to this day. Animaniacs was hands down the funniest cartoon of my youth.


4. Transformers Beastwars: That’s right I said Beast wars not just any Transformer the greatest series of its franchise. They used cutting edge CGI animation I never saw anything like it. The characters and designs were fresh & creative. Setting the show on a mysterious planet was ballsy and made for some great storylines. Michael Bay wishes his movies could’ve been as good as this cartoon was, and they did it minus his billion dollar budget.


3, Thundercats:
I loved this show, made my parents spend god only knows how much on my Thundercats toys. It could have easily been tops on my list. I want to give Cheetarah a shout out for making animal prints on the ladies a huge turn on.


2. Exposquad: My hidden treasure, most I ask never heard of it but I assure you Exosquad is nothing short of badass. It has a Battlestar galactica feel to it as humans are under attack by there own creations in this case a race called Neosapiens. It’s a intergalactic war for survival, very adult themed, The weapons, vehicle designs and the show in general were well ahead of its time. If you never had the privilege check it out on Hulu thank me later.


1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
Greatest cartoon ever! I’m talking the original not that crap they’ve passed off for years calling TMNT, you can never forget your first. We all had our favorite turtle whether Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello or Michaelangelo I remember debating why the others sucked over lunch in the school cafeteria. Then we had our villains Shredder his foot soldiers B-bop and Rocksteady, Krang. It was truly an awesome show I spent countless hours watching then running around imitating. Turtle Power!


Kony 2012 The great debate

9 Apr


If you have not been hibernating in a cave for the past six weeks chances are you like myself watched or at least heard of KONY 2012 video. For those unaware KONY2012 is a 30 minute documentary aimed at making Joseph Kony a household name eventually leading American policy makers to push for his arrest over the crimes he’s commited against Ugandan children. The video was a hit shared via Youtube from Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and any social networking platform. It was so wide spread a friend told me how a stranger informed him over a Words with friends game. It reached everywhere mobile phones, laptops, iPads they were all bustling with KONY 2012. I soon realized lines would be drawn you were either for it or against it no Switzerland’s here it was a social war.

Whether you were pro or con people were talking about this charity, its mission and we all learned Konys face and name. No matter if you considered this slacktivism or not the job was being accomplished and that was to get the message out there. Shortly after its premier a media frenzy followed providing a great debate as information came out about both the Charity and Joseph Kony, a unexpected negative backlash scrutinizing Invisible Children’s motives and practices. Despite the negativity how did filmmaker Jason Russell and Invisible children inc. Succeed where countless others failed to mobilize Americas youth in a political protest for a cause that did not effect them directly? A viral video like no other.

I first encountered the video on facebook, caught my attention because a few of my friends whom shared no common interest reshared the link on my newsfeed. As I watched the video a self proclaimed cyborg like myself got emotional, 30 minutes later when it finished I proudly clicked share as well. I wanted more of my friends aware of the atrocities going on in Africa, millions did the samething making it the fastest growing video in Youtube history even more then that cute ktten dancing. They called this slacktivism A “feel-good” way in support of an issue or social cause, that takes minimal to no practical effort.Thats the politically correct definition of saying its a way for lazy asses to feel like they did something positive by retweeting or making a Facebook status about a trendy topic. This criticism is unfair sure this generation may not be burning bras but its using the tools it has available to share information like never before and whether you think its lazy it’s effective.

There are many reasons why Kony 2012 campaign was a successful, none more prominent to me then being propaganda at its best. I consider myself skeptic not easy to sucker in the least, so Im very impressed how I went hook line and sinker over this video. I mentioned earlier how I got emotional well my eyes watered, picture a big oath like me watching a video on his phone choking up. I haven’t cried since Muphasa died in the Lion king. Jake Russell and Invisible children inc. did a phenomenal job of marketing its goal and invoking emotion to rally people behind there cause. Video starts off with a challenge to the viewers to participate in something that will change history stick with the short video and find out how. Followed by a pretty graphic of the world with dramatic background music accompanied by flashy quotes in capital colorful letters, the motivational rhetoric chanted by hundreds of kids. They introduce you to only one of the many African children effected by Konys evil a boy named Jacob who tells his story. We have Russell having conversations with his adorable young son who I view as the face of Americas youth questioning “why dont we stop the bad man”. Speaking of which we get our Darth Vaders intro the man resposible for thousands of deaths, rapes and child kidnappings the now infamous Joseph Kony and his L.R.A militia. Finally they make good on giving options for us to help stop him, share video, contact politicans enlist celebrities, sign petition and get the action kit, It worked to perfection. Crafted with expertise to trigger an emotional response, as Russell best put it “they are the pixar of human rights stories”.

KONY 2012 was not without many controversys the Naysayers received plenty of ammunition. Starting with Invisible children Inc.s handling of donations, documents showed only a third of the money received made its way to Africa. Ugandans spoke out against this campaign stating Konys no longer an issue starvation is there biggest enemy. Also claims were made that they exagerated on statics involving Kony and how many children have been effected. Then theres dickgate when Jason Russell was caught masturbating in public. He blamed it on a mental breakdown now I get why he organized “the cover of night” on 4/20 he’s got to be smoking the good shit. A new video surfaced this time with Joseph Kony himself claiming hes innocent of all crimes and is being framed by the Ugandan government.

So it can seem a bit suspect if you look deep at all sides, which I recommend anyone do before donating to a organization. However II ask does any of this change the fact Kony should stand trial for allegations against him,? Maybe they did spend a lot of money on making this really pretty video, but it got all of our attention didnt it? If it was twenty thousand kids harmed by Kony and his goons instead of fifty thousand does it make this cause any less worth taking up? Does the fact Russell went nuts to nut and his pulled Pee Wee Herman change anything?
Truth is before watching this video I dont remember the lasttime I said Uganda since 5th grade social studies. Sadly the only time we speak about African children is when Angelina Jolie adopts one. KONY 2012 got a generation to put down the Xbox controller, tweet about something other then Niki Minaj’s latest song or Snookis pregnancy and actually talk about something that matters. That is nothing to condemn, I applaud Invisible children Inc. For provoking thought and a call to action even if it maybe slacktivism it showed how powerful and what good social media can do.