Why I miss Saturday mornings. Top 10 toons of my youth

18 Apr

Growing up in the late 80s to mid 90s it was worth waking up Saturday mornings not just for Soultrain but to watch your favorite cartoons. Now with DVR, Netflix, cartoon network etc. it’s just not the same feeling on Saturdays, same goes for the after school tv programming. The quantity of cartoons round the clock has exploded but the quality of animated shows in general has been watered down. Well here’s a reflection of the top ten toons I loved growing up.

10. The real Ghostbusters: Before Ghost hunters there was GhostBusters. Those of us who couldn’t get enough of the movies followed Peter Venkman, Egon, Stan, Winston, slimmer and that hot receptionist in animated version of their Ghost busting adventures.


9. Captain Planet and the planeteers: Captain Planet was fighting pollution before it was cool along with his racially diverse groupies. To this day he has the most epic mullet I’ve ever seen.


8. Mighty Max: He looks like a modern day Dennis the menace but don’t be fooled by his magical backwards hat this show based off the polly pocket toyline was surprisingly good. Teleportation a Viking bodyguard and some kickass action cant go wrong with that.


7. Rugrats: Who didn’t love Tommy Pickles and his gang of babies? It was a cute witty light hearted show full of fun adventures. Sure Nickelodeon tried to milk this hit and spung off a bad “grownup version” but the original is a classic.


6. Batman the animated series: I used to rush home from school to catch this show. Not only is the Dark Knight my favorite comic book character but this was my favorite Super hero show edging out Spiderman and The Xmen. With its gritty stories that followed the comics closely and superb voice acting this was a top notch cartoon.


5. Animaniacs:
A edgy slapstick variety show featured some great characters like the Goodfeathers and Pinky and the brain provided tons of laughs. I have friends still quote them to this day. Animaniacs was hands down the funniest cartoon of my youth.


4. Transformers Beastwars: That’s right I said Beast wars not just any Transformer the greatest series of its franchise. They used cutting edge CGI animation I never saw anything like it. The characters and designs were fresh & creative. Setting the show on a mysterious planet was ballsy and made for some great storylines. Michael Bay wishes his movies could’ve been as good as this cartoon was, and they did it minus his billion dollar budget.


3, Thundercats:
I loved this show, made my parents spend god only knows how much on my Thundercats toys. It could have easily been tops on my list. I want to give Cheetarah a shout out for making animal prints on the ladies a huge turn on.


2. Exposquad: My hidden treasure, most I ask never heard of it but I assure you Exosquad is nothing short of badass. It has a Battlestar galactica feel to it as humans are under attack by there own creations in this case a race called Neosapiens. It’s a intergalactic war for survival, very adult themed, The weapons, vehicle designs and the show in general were well ahead of its time. If you never had the privilege check it out on Hulu thank me later.


1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
Greatest cartoon ever! I’m talking the original not that crap they’ve passed off for years calling TMNT, you can never forget your first. We all had our favorite turtle whether Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello or Michaelangelo I remember debating why the others sucked over lunch in the school cafeteria. Then we had our villains Shredder his foot soldiers B-bop and Rocksteady, Krang. It was truly an awesome show I spent countless hours watching then running around imitating. Turtle Power!



2 Responses to “Why I miss Saturday mornings. Top 10 toons of my youth”

  1. imperfectflower April 18, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

    Thank you for taking me from my current not so happy reality to the BEST years of my life!!! With the exception of EXPOSQUAD which BTW I WILL be checking out, all these were childhood favorites of mine!!! 🙂 after reading this I was smiling like a retard, but the question comes to mind… WTF happened to good programming?!? I mean I being the nerd I am used to love those ABC after school specials that always had a moral lesson at the end!!! Ehh whattaya gonna do?!? Neat post!!!

    • loschico April 18, 2012 at 6:26 pm #

      I’m glad I put a smile on someone’s face and could break from harsh reality of adulthood even if just for a moment to the innocence of childhood.

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