30 Apr

A acquaintance of mine was recently shot and killed earlier this month over an Iphone.  Now this has been going on around the country, but to actually know a victim of such a senseless crime really hit home.  Muggings have always gone on from “give me your watch or wallet” to purse snatchings.  Then we had kids getting killed for sneakers or gold chains but as our phones become more high tech and hold valuable information they took over thief’s priority.  There is a black market for Iphones therefor carrying one or any other expensive smart phone similar to it is a target.

Low life’s dont care folks remember that.   If someone can run up on you while your texting punch you take your phone and run off they will.  Please I beg if you ever have a knife pulled out or gun just give it up don’t be a tough guy a phones worth a few hundred bucks its not worth your life.  I dont care if your a UFC champ your not faster then a bullet you can replace what you lose your family cannot replace you.  In some cases that may not work because you have those looking to inflict violence regardless if you give up your belongings or not.

As this crime wave continues I can only tell people try to not get caught out there warn your kids.  It can happen anywhere at anytime but use common sense.  Avoid flashing your phone in public if its late at night and your in a rough neighborhood.  Police chiefs across the country have warned people not to use the white ear buds synonym-is with Iphone.  I’m not saying dont buy your luxury items just know when to use them, maybe keep a pair of decoy headphones you got for 4 bucks from walmart.  Use those when you feel the need calls for it.

Its sad that I even have to warn people but knowing someone who lost a life over a simple phone woke me up to the reality.  Lets be aware, you wouldn’t wave around 400 dollars cash at 1 am in the hood.  So don’t wave around that eye catching Iphone, know when to keep discrete it may save your life.


3 Responses to “irobbed”

  1. cedes20 April 30, 2012 at 10:34 pm #

    I just wanted to thank u once again for bringing awareness to this major dangerous problem. I too will share this blog with others; hoping they too will pass the care forward.
    I place this young men’s family in prayer. My condolence to u for ur lost. I’m shakened by all this n I’m moved to want to make a difference even if it’s just with one person. God Bless U!

    • loschico May 1, 2012 at 1:28 am #

      Thank you hope you enjoyed and yes if we could just touch one person mission accomplished

  2. Maria September 23, 2012 at 12:58 am #

    I see this is a couple months old post but I don’t feel that should matter. I really like what you wrote here and it’s a shame that it has even come to this. I’m sorry for your loss.

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