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What is the Spirit of Christmas?

6 Dec


It’s the first week of December and you know what that means? Get ready to be broke by this time next month thanks to our favorite commercial holiday Christmas.  What do you mean Christmas is a religious holiday? Santa Clause would kick Jesus ass in a poll this time of year, Jesus is king in most places all year around but lets be real here in the U.S we’ve made the Clause boss of December.  We only have him to thank for our financial woes to start the new year, thank goodness for Uncle Sam and his refund aka most of our vacation money.  It’s time to start figuring out the spirit of Christmas folks sure we hear the songs on the radio see the decorations and know it’s time to shop but do you really feel the spirit and what is it?

I’m that guy who gets a fake tree I don’t like to clean up messy leaves and having to toss it out after the new year.  I am quite the bum its much easier buying my standard plastic tree that sits in a box all year in the attic then picking out one in the cold.  So you like the smell of a tree in your living room I have a easy solution get some Pine sol that’s right the cleaning product.  And spritz your tree with it trust me it will smell pineier then the real thing.  I love the people that go all out decorating its really pretty and heck if you got the time and can afford that outrageous electric bill go for it.  I rather keep my decorations indoors but that comes from years of living in an apartment don’t think my jewish landlord would be to fond of me saint nicking up the place.

Then theres the shopping some of you already took a hit to the wallet if your one of those black Friday bargain hunters who left your house under the influence of the itis thanks to turkey, potato, pies and what ever else you stuffed yourself with.  Leaving the comfort of your home at midnight or four AM with your silly tired asses all in the name of early Christmas shopping and saving a few bucks.  Chances are you won’t even wake up at 3 am to go to work but you can sure get up for that 25 dollar gift card you can get at Macys.  I could never do this and hey more power to those of you that do, I prefer sitting my lazy latino ass on my comfy couch scratching and sniffing my balls while watching Sportscenter and shopping on my Tablet.

I did not grow up in a rich household by any stretch of the imagination, I was lucky to get a gift on Christmas and maybe my birthday from my parents.  And that’s cool especially cause whatever I got was something I wanted a toy or videogame.  I’ll never forget how excited I was that Christmas morning I got my Nitendo I’d turn into a life long gamer that day.  I also remember all the crappy gifts I got from Aunts, Uncles and other relatives.  It was always a sweater or underwear never a He-man sword or Ninja Turtle.  I know that philosophy get them what they need not want sometimes applies but if you can folks get the kids a toy or a book on Christmas something that show’s you know who they are and what they like.  Or they will grow up secretly hating you.

Thankfully we live in a time  with a  new North Pole called the internet and all you got to do is search and click pretty sweet.  Especially if your friends and family have gone out of there way to tell you exactly what they want this year by making a wishlist.  Yeah it takes away the fun of personalizing gifts, I love knowing someone went out of there way to get me what they knew I would like.  Shows they took time and effort, but most of us don’t have that much time and we tend to suck at gift giving.  So internet shopping is an easy solution to most of the problems we encounter with Christmas shopping.

I have even in-cooperated social networks into my gift giving, I’m on Google plus if you never heard of G+ it’s like Facebook for the smart cool kids.  There a group of people started a Secret Santa so you can find your internet friends or even strangers and get them gifts off of their Amazon Wishlist.  I know sounds creepy right?  Well its not especially when I just saw a beautiful picture of my friend and her son playing with a toy I brought him off her list.    She lives across the country and I’ve never met her in real life but to see those lovely smiles touched me.

That my friends is the spirit of Christmas it’s not about the most expensive thing nor is it about Santa or Jesus.  Simmer down now I am not trying to get into a religious debate, to each his own believe in what or who you want nothing is wrong with that folks.  What you should make Christmas about is making someone smile, whether its picking a random stranger off the internet.  Or giving your cold mailman a cup of coffee to warm up, maybe drawing a funny picture for your coworker in the cubicle next to you.  Whatever you do make it about someone else and giving them a smile then you get a free pass to be a dick or a bitch all day trust me it works.  Seriously though show someone you normally wouldn’t you care it goes along way at making the world a better place.


Review of Talon: Don’t call me a spinoff

6 Dec


I prefer to review comics on individual issues but since Talon is DC’s new spinoff I wanted to give it a few issues before I could give valid opinion.  First off let me touch upon the creative team and how good a job they’ve done to introduce Talon.  Thanks to the well received Court of the Owls chapter in Batman earlier this year Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV give us our latest hero in DC “Talon”.  Having read issues #0,1 and 2 I can easily say this is the best spinoff  in years, so good that I did not even notice Batman or any other Bat family member appears to help transition this brand new character.  You can feel Snyders hand overseeing the project especially with his well known creepy tone the series has a couple of good ones that make your hair stand up even if your bald.

I cannot stress enough how this character feels brand new and that is credit to Tynion’s great writing job thus far, I’ve read and loved alot of his Batback issue stories and Talon is showcasing why he is one of DC’s rising stars.  As good as the writing has been the art has matched it panel for panel Guillem March is producing some beautiful work.  I must admit when I first saw the Talon’s costume I was not pleased with the concept having seen the bad ass Talons in the Court of owls from Greg Capullo.  However it has grown on me especially with the way March adds so much detail to the character and the color scheme from Tomeu Morey you can’t help but fall in love with all you see.  Everything stands out in this gorgeous world especially the use of lighting and shadow to set moods.


And now to our hero he’s got his hands cutout for him coming into the New 52 which has most of the Batman book’s leading the way as fan favorites.  So by Snyder adding another Character to Gotham its a big gamble but the pay off is worth it.  Talon maybe a spinoff but so far he comes across as a strong stand alone character not some half baked fill in who will need Batman appearances to survive.  Without getting to spoilery the idea behind our hero being a former assassin from a sinister powerful Alumanti type secret orgnazation “The court of Owls” is great.  Anyone who read the pages of that event in Batman knows how scary and powerful this group is.  We see how he was handpicked for the job and why he was considered to be a valuable asset, but once he abandoned his post marked Talon or Calvin Rose as he friends like to call him as enemy number one in the Courts eyes.  Calvin has his motives for leaving the court which I’d rather leave you to read.


The Court of owl’s is fragile at this time after it’s battle with Batman so Calvin has teamed up with  a older gentlemen by the name of Sebastian Clarke who has alot of info on Calvin and the court of owls.  The dynamic between these two is interesting I would not call them friends yet more like frenemies come together against someone they both want to get rid of.  The dialogue by Tynion does such a good job to set up the story and further get us into the characters pysche.  Along his travels in the first few issues Talon encounters a few formidable foes and give us some great looking fight scenes displayed by March’s talent.


Overall I love this new series I am only three issues in but hooked and highly recommend adding it to your pull list.  I was worried Talon would be lame but I was wrong Snyder has done a great job along with the rest of this team to give us a new character who will in my opinion grow in the DCU all on his own.  He wont need his Batdaddy to hold his hand so far Talon is walking tall all on his own.  Spinoff? Dont call it a spin off! This is a new series and if the beginning is any indication it will be a successful one