Whos worse Superior Parent’s or Kid haters?

17 May


When it comes to having kids there are two kinds of people that annoy me…
1.  The ones that have kids and think they’re superior to those that don’t.
2.  People who dislike kids.

I’ve met many who think having a kid makes your life better and while that might be true for some its not for everyone.  I am a father and having a child changed my life but that doesn’t make me better than people who don’t have kids.  In the latino culture people are always talking about having kids, pushing people to have kids.  I have one child and now I hear “so when you having the next one?”  

 I know plenty of amazing people who have no desire to be parents.  I respect them for thinking it through and realizing its not for them, having a kid isn’t like trying yoga classes.  You cant just have one and say “hey I’m not interested thanks but no thanks lets go ahead and cancel my membership.”  If you want a child by all means have them but for the right reasons. 

I used to work with two guys, one had a kid the other didn’t.  The one that was a father would always tell me he felt bad for the other guy cause he has no kids.  I asked him why’s that? His response was “because kids make your life better, he’s missing out, its our contribution to the world.”  Meanwhile this guy told me all the business about his two kids, one was in jail for robbery and his daughter scammed him out of thousands.  I’m thinking some great contribution you made to society.  

On the other end of the spectrum I don’t like people who say they don’t like kids.  I can understand you not wanting kids but to not like them really?  Kids can be annoying but sheesh not liking any of them seems extreme. It says alot about your character if you truly don’t like kids.  I can’t trust people of this mindset,  I can’t pin point why but I just get a bad feeling about them as a human being.  

Maybe I’m wrong to assume that but I see kids as the most innocent beautiful part of life, its when they grow up I’m not a fan.  So to not like these little humans that are nothing but a product of there upbringing seems wrong.  You’re probably thinking I’m bias because I have a kid but I remember having these sentiments long before becoming a father.

 I went out with a girl once she told me she doesn’t like kids I asked her why?  “Because their too needy, they always cry and want something”.   This rubbed me the wrong way but to make it worst we were eating at a Thai place.  The woman taking our order had an accent and my date made fun of it.  So by the end of the meal bill came (I always pick up bill if I’m on a date) I asked her to go half.  She says “Really you want me to pay? What a gentleman of you” I replied “Don’t be needy”

Just because you shot a good load in someone or pushed one out your vagina does not make you better than those that went childless.   We have too many people having kids that shouldn’t have them, stop it!  The world does not need your shitty legacy to continue.  Earths population is over 7 billion and growing, you don’t have to have a kid to contribute.

Instead try being a positive influence, not passing judgement on people who don’t want a child is a great start.  Whether you want kids or not be a good person.   If you have children treat them nice, raise them well and love them up.  Hopefully they’ll  be a positive member of society.    That’s all the contribution our world needs to make it a better place.


2 Responses to “Whos worse Superior Parent’s or Kid haters?”

  1. Dee May 18, 2014 at 4:47 am #

    Enjoyed reading this post. I completely agree with your view – people who have kids are in no way superior to those who do not. Do you think every person could be a parent?

    • loschico May 18, 2014 at 4:52 am #

      Thank you Dee. I do not believe everyone can be a parent. That’s what’s wrong in this world too many shitty people raising kids to be shitty people. It is a bad cycle.

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