Half a best man

27 May

A few years ago I was bestowed with the greatest honor a friend could receive.  I was asked to be a bestman to my childhood and best friend Scumbo’s wedding.  His real name is’nt “Scumbo” but ever since his dad called him one while kicking us out of his house it stuck.  I think the correct quote was “Get out you fucking scumball!” somehow we turned it into Scumbo and that nickname stuck.  Scumbo and I have been best buds since the 6th grade so when he asked me to be bestman I jumped at chance. I always wanted to be a best man for two reasons 1. Bachelor Party 2. Drunk wedding speech.

I planned for months the most epic bachelor party weekend I could think of.  I enlisted the help of Scumbos cousins and also my close friends Mitch and Derek, as well as one of our old buddies Hector.  Together we embarked on a crazy fun time.  In order to protect the oath we took of never talking about the bachelor party unless among attendees of party I wont get into any details.  To this day of all the bachelor parties I’ve gone to this was my favorite.  I can’t speak for all the guys but man was that one of the best two days of my life, it was all laughs and good times among friends.

Those fun memories will live with me forever.  Sadly the next day it was all undone by my Uncle passing away.  He had diabetes and a failed liver, upon receiving a transplant his body rejected it.  Crazy thing was my Uncle was from Dominican Republic but came to New York to get transplant.  So he did not die in his home land, to make matters worse my mom (his sister) was on vacation along with my father.  Leaving only me and his daughter to plan and prepare until others got back.

He was my closest uncle even though I only saw Tio Biembo once a year on vacations, he was the best.  We mostly bonded watching baseball, Tio was a hardcore Boston Redsox fan.   As a Met fan myself we shared over our hatred of the Yankees.  To this day every time Yankees play the Redsox I think of him and root for Boston.  

The last time I saw him I promised to come see him before leaving for DR and watch a game with him.  The doctors told me outlook wasn’t good. Despite enjoying bachelor party he was in the back of my mind. Unfortunately he never made our game date, I regret not going to see him on his deathbed.  I thought he could make it past the bachelor party festivities.

The day after he passed I was supposed to travel to Dominican Republic for Scumbo and his now beautiful wife Mary’s wedding.  Do to the circumstances I made one of the hardest choices in my life and cancelled my trip to plan a funeral.  Scumbo was smart and lucky enough to have made me “half a best man” to share with his little brother Vinny.  I missed out on that beautiful vacation wedding and my chance to give a great wedding speech.  Instead of giving a wedding speech I replaced that with a funeral speech for my uncle.

I hope that with the amazing bachelor party I made up for not being there on the most important events for my bestfriends life.  I also hope that the way I handled my uncles services I made good for not being by his side as he died.   To the Wedding I never attended, and the game I never watched, I will forever be “Half bestman.”




2 Responses to “Half a best man”

  1. Avant Carmelo Flores May 29, 2014 at 12:36 am #

    Damn good excerpt and prose. What a dual memory.

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