These aren’t your grandaddy’s trannies

10 Jun


I miss the days when transsexuals didn’t make me question my sexuality. Don’t get me wrong I’m not into chicks with dicks but if I was, today’s choices sure are less obvious. Gone are the manly bodied, stubble faced tranny replaced with a more femine version. Hormones, implants even adams Apples are gone. Shit some have faginas (reconstructed vaginas out of penis) only the finger smell test can save you. Once you go to third base the damage has already been done my friend, might as well score.

Not only do todays tranny physcially look more femine thanks to advancements in science they are more educated as to how to dress and make up correctly.   Some trannies especially “old school” ones are over the top with outfits and makeup but overall I’ve noticed new generations of T.S have taken a better approach to looking more lady like.   To be frank some appear to the a better job than natural born women.

Jennifer Lopez boyfriend is accused of cheating with the two trannies.  Now if a young stud like this who’s got J-Lo a millionaire hotty could cheat with a tranny who else wont flip?  You’re probably thinking well he’s gay or bisexual which is a fair assumption I mean these are “ladyboys” he’s banging.  Thing is he’s not hooking up with a manly looking dude they are actually pretty hot shemales.  Matter fact both look similar to Jennifer Lopez in the face and the body, so he’s not going to far away from her.  Only thing is they packing a pecker.

Here’s Casper and one of his alleged Tranny lovers



There is no question that transexuals have come along way both with how we accept them in our society and how much they look like women.  Carmen Carrera is a transgendered model who petitioned to become a Victoria Secrets model, honestly if you saw her you’d think she was a supermodel.  I’m going to do my best to say this without setting off any gaydars but Carrera is hot, penis or not.  If you just look at her you without knowing history you’d never guess that was a man.

 Funny thing is with all these hot trannys nowadays with my luck If I was into transgender female I’d probably find one hung like a donkey. Shattering my ego with her massive Womanhood. Who am I fooling, I’ve seen some woman with bigger clits than my endowment.  And that my friends is why I’ll appreciate a tranny from a far to protect my fragile ego. If she wasn’t hot and hung she’d probably resemble Made.

Seriously I commend today’s transsexual woman for looking like a real woman unlike their original pioneers. I just hate I get all the answers wrong on *Maurys* segment “Is it a he or she?” Some make me feel all weird inside (no pun intended) I’m old school I love good old fashioned vagina, but if I was doing ten years in Jail I wouldn’t mind one of them as a cellmate is all I’m saying.  After all what happens in jail stays in jail, wait or is that Vegas?

At the end if the day all that matters is if you’re happy. No matterif you’re into X-Men like the comic books or an Ex-men like high heels, boobs and penis. Be you and be free my friends.


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