A fathers fight

15 Jun
Happy Fathers day

Happy Fathers day

Today’s Fathers day and I’ve received numerous calls and texts wishing me a “Happy Fathers day.”  I appreciate them all but at the risk of sounding ungrateful they make me sad.  Truth is I’m dealing with a battle a battle to be a father, which is a shame because I think I’m a damn good one.  I maybe far from perfect I make mistakes but I try to be the best I can for my girl.  However her mother doesn’t see it that way.  I’m not going to use this as a forum to bash her we have our differences and sadly my daughter is stuck in the middle.  Therefore this fathers day is not the happy one it should be for me.

I dont need to be congratulations or to be commended for the job I’ve done as a father.  Its my duty, one I take on with honor and do with love.  I’ll never understand how someone can just abandon a child, I’ll go to war for my little girl.  No one can push me out her life let alone myself willingly give up that right.  When she say’s “Daddy I love you”, “Daddy I miss you”, “Call me tonight daddy” it melts my heart like no other persons words ever can.

That alone is motivation to fight on, to be in her life.  If you have a child don’t put them at odds with the other parent.  Mothers do not use them as pawns to move and navigate to get what you want.  Fathers do not take out the anger you have towards a bad relationship on them.  Our kids are innocent all they want is a parents love and if you are fortunate enough to have someone who wants to be in the picture for child do not deny them that right.   In the end kids will grow and they’ll determine who their parents are for themselves.

When its all said and done only one person can judge me as a father.  Not the courts, my friends, parents, or her mother.  The only opinion that matters is that of my child.  One day she’ll be old enough to look back at me as a father and I am confident she’ll be able to say “Happy Fathers day” with pride and love.

I leave you with these words I wrote on her birthday

On this day five years ago my daughter was born. During her life I’ve learned and grown. Nothing stands out more than my ability to endure. I thought I was a zero but on this day I became a superhero. No xray vision, I cant fly above. My only super power is a father’s love.



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