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Avengers: Disassembled

29 Jul


The Avengers are Marvel/Disney’s billion dollar machine, but can they keep it together?  Contracts are almost up and not everyone may be on board to continue Marvels magic.   Joss Whedon has confirmed the Marvel cinematic universe is planned out until 2028.  Who will stick around? What new pieces can they bring in to keep it going?

Disney paid 4 billion dollars for Marvel entertainment.  Lets see how that return has gone for them with world wide box office totals.

  • Iron man 1, 2, 3 = 2,424,547,847
  • Captain America 1, 2 = 1,454,304,935 
  • Thor 1, 2 = 1,543,436,376
  • Avengers =  1,518,594,910


The big three after Avengers 3

Speaking of money lets start with the man that helped launch Marvels superhero universe Robert Downey Jr.    Forbes  listed him as the highest paid actor for the second year in a row thanks to his Iron Man role.  However when Downey’s  contract was up last year he only negotiated to sign on for Avengers 2 & 3.  He recently teased that he could return for a Iron Man 4 film.

Prediction: RDJ will ride this wave until his bank account resembles Tony Starks.

Chris Evans on the other hand has made it clear once the contract with Marvel is up he’ll be hanging up Captain Americas shield.  “I think when I’m done with this Marvel contract, I’ll take a little break from acting.”  Evans has only 3 films left to fulfill that contract, Avengers 2, 3  Captain America 3.

 Prediction:  Marvel will look to the comics for inspiration.


The last member of the big three  Chris Hemsworth stands to win out big time financially.  Marvel cannot afford to lose two of its big three Avengers.   He can demand a God like contract similar to what Downey signed.  Hemsworth has not ruled out a return once his contract is up.

 Prediction: Thor will be swinging his hammer for a few more films after Avengers 3.

   Plan B


The Hulk will still be smashing the box office past Avengers 3.  Mark Ruffalo signed a 6 picture deal with Marvel.  The only difference between his and the big three is that hes only fulfilled one of those movies.  Leaving room for three more films after Avengers 3.  Ruffalo has been advocating for a Hulk film and I am sure he will get it.  Most assumed Marvel was afraid to do another Hulk movie after the last two were bust.  However it was smart to leave this candy in their back pocket. Prediction: Ruffalo will get his solo shot.

Paul Rudd is the newbie movie hero with his upcoming Ant-Man now under production.  Rudd is not only getting his own solo film but I believe Marvel has him set up as the backup Avenger for any of the departed. I have some concerns about this film.  The original director Edgar Wright departed just before production as well as a couple of actors.  Marvel brought in a new team to help rewrite script, which is scary at this stage in the game.  Add in the fact Ant-man isn’t the most popular hero to begin with and well…

Prediction: Ant-man will flop in comparison to the big threes numbers.  However he will still replace Captain America in Avengers 4.


Dr Strange movie has been announced now the question is who will play him?  Those of us that are Sherlocked have been pushing for Benedict Cumberbatch.  The other fan favorite rumor is Marvel is after Jared Leto, who in my opinion is the best fit.  However I do not believe either of those two actors will commit to a long contract with Marvel.  A recent report from Deadline has Joaquin Phoenix as Marvels next leading hero.  No question whoever they choose must be a strong well known actor because they could need to further replenish the Avengers if RDJ or Hemsworth opts out.

Prediction: I believe Marvel will surprise us and sign Keanu Reeves

What Marvel should do

Listen I’m just some geek blogger sitting in his pajama pants with a empty cup of noodle soup to his right, so what do hell do I know?  Well I may not have the wits of Marvels execs but I do know comics and movies.  Heres a list of what I think can keep Marvel on its strong course post Avengers 3.


  1.   Develop the rest of the supporting characters.  Samuel L. Jacksons Nick Fury is on point but Hawkeye and Black Widow could use more screentime.  Scarlett Johanssen had her coming out party in Winter soldier.  They failed by not capitalizing on that by announcing a movie starring her.  A story centered around Black Widow, Nick Fury and Hawkeye would do wonders.  No one could use this more than Jeremy Renner who is the only one playing on the C-team of the Avengers.
  2. Less Loki is good.  I love Tom Hiddleston but enough already.  He was not a formidable adversary to the Avengers but still the beloved actor was chosen as its main villain.  You know he’ll be in Thor 3 but besides that we can use a break from the Trickster.
  3. Bring in another strong female character.  Maybe Scarlet Witch will fill that role come Avengers 2 but I want someone worthy of getting a solo film.  Captain Marvel is the one that comes to mind. captainmarvel
  4. More Winter Soldier and Falcon!  Afterall one of them will be replacing Cap if Evans is done.  Most likely Sebastian Stan who signed on for a 9 picture deal with Marvel.  So show us the bad ass Winter Soldier is and break him in as someone worthy to be the next Captain America.  Anthony Mackie’s Falcon needs to become more prominent moving foward.  He was the surprise of Captain America: The Winter soldier in my opinion and he could fit in well on The Avengers team.wpid-picsart_1396776307823.jpg
  5. Give us Black Panther.  I’ll be the first to admit I was pissed Marvel gave Ant-man a film before Black Panther.  He would be the perfect character to replace a Iron Man, Thor or Captain America on the team.  black-panther-movie-image

Marvel is dominating the big screen but with changes eventually coming and the pressure from DC’s Justice League on its way.  How long can they hold the throne?


A Geeks guide to Captain America 2

6 Apr


Beware this is a spoiler filled breakdown of Captain America The Winter Soldier. 

The latest installment to Marvels movie universe is by far the best written. Like all good stories The Winter Soldier has Easter eggs for hardcore fans to feast on. Dont mind me as I Geek Out and address all the hidden comic book goodness.

Our Heroes…

Chris Evans was great in his third go at Captain America.  He really owns the role of Steve Rodgers super soldier.  We get to see what he’s been upto in the Modern world. Most of his friends are long gone so Cap spends his time running missions for Shield.
Scarlett Johanssons Black Widow and Samuel L.Jacksons Nick Fury have their best performance yet.   Black Widow kicks some major ass, and looks sexy as ever doing it. Fury takes more then a few hits physically, personally and career wise.

Anthony Mackie is the new comer and he not only held his own but shined as Falcon. Mackies an up and coming actor. His chemistry with Rodgers makes him a perfect fit. In the comics Falcon is a little more tacky in appearance but one of Caps most trusted friends. I’m sure we’ll see more of him as he’s a great addition to the films.


The casting was well done, with many great performances from stars to support.  One of the small but important roles is that of Agent 13 Sharon (Caps neighbor).  In the comics Sharon Carter is the grand niece of Peggy Carter and eventually Captain America’a wife.


The bad guys…

The main villain is Cap’s best friend Bucky now going by Winter soldier.  A deadly assassin who gives his old buddy a hard fight.  The Winter Soldier is pretty much on par with comic’s version of Caps friend turned foe. He’s a man of few words but quite intimidating through his cold dead stare.

Robert Redford is the mastermind from Hydra Alexander Pierce who takes over Shield.   One of hollywoods legends Redford shows his acting skills to a new generation. This plot changed Marvels landscape. By having Shield disassembled in the end. Leaves me wondering what’s next for the tv show. Looks like its time for me to Netflix season one.


Agent Rumlow: He fought at Captain America’s side but then hunted him down.  He’s better known as Crossbones in the comic.  The last scene of him is a bloodied injured body on surgery table.   Does this mean he will he don the mask in future Marvel Universe?   I sure hope so. 


Zola: The mad Hydra scientist that made Bucky into the unstoppable Winter Soldier.   Hes seen in flash backs and in the hidden bunker on the computer screen.   This gives me idea his Artificial intelligence mind will transfer to the metallic body we know from comics in 3rd film.


Batrock the leaper: Is played by GSP better known as mixed martial arts champ from UFC.  He did a nice job in his small role showcasing those great fighting skills.  His version looks much better than the comics Batrock. 

Eye candy…

The cgi and fight sequences do not disappoint  Plenty of hand to hand combat, car chases, explosions and high flying action.  I saw it in imax  3d and loved the crisp visuals.  However 3d wasn’t as prominent as some of the better action movies.   

My final thoughts…

I’ve been a harsh critic of Marvel in the past. The bar was set high with Iron man 1 and nothing else lived up to it. As much as I enjoyed Avengers and Iron man 3, those movies insulted my intelligence. One had no plot the other completely misrepresented itself in trailers. Sure they both had witty one liners and mind blowing action but I left theater feeling empty.

Captain America: Winter Soldier is exactly what I went in expecting, if not more. A film that tells a great story while developing its character’s.   All the elements you want in a blockbuster movie are here.   Its fun, action packed and well written. By far the most ambitious and adult of Marvels titles.

By taking creative liberties from classic comic storylines “Winter Soldier” and “CivilWar.” Mixing in some espionage with political themes that parallel today’s world. All while maintaining the light hearted core we’ve come to expect. Its quite the balancing act. In fact if Cap wasn’t running around in tights you might forget this was a comic book film.

In the end Marvel gave us their most complete movie, setting a new bar.

Roll credits and enter…

Bonus scenes


Stick around after credits for not one but two extra scenes.   First we get a look at Lokis Scepter .  Followed by a look at two caged twins Scarlett Witch & Quicksilver The children of Magneto.  Yes the bad guy from the X-Men movies had kids.  They look creepy and awesome!

Second scene shows us Winter Soldier at Caps exhibition in museum, learning more about his true identity “Bucky”.   These clips are setting us up for Avengers Sequel and Cap 3.  “The twins” are confirmed for Avengers Sequel. 


Honorable mention goes to  Dr. Strange for being mentioned by name.   Possibly alluding to his movie entrance soon. Is Johnny Depp available?   One things certain with Avengers 2 already filming and  Marvel studio’s claim to have their movie blueprint set until 2028.  The future is bright for superhero fans.