Avengers: Disassembled

29 Jul


The Avengers are Marvel/Disney’s billion dollar machine, but can they keep it together?  Contracts are almost up and not everyone may be on board to continue Marvels magic.   Joss Whedon has confirmed the Marvel cinematic universe is planned out until 2028.  Who will stick around? What new pieces can they bring in to keep it going?

Disney paid 4 billion dollars for Marvel entertainment.  Lets see how that return has gone for them with world wide box office totals.

  • Iron man 1, 2, 3 = 2,424,547,847
  • Captain America 1, 2 = 1,454,304,935 
  • Thor 1, 2 = 1,543,436,376
  • Avengers =  1,518,594,910


The big three after Avengers 3

Speaking of money lets start with the man that helped launch Marvels superhero universe Robert Downey Jr.    Forbes  listed him as the highest paid actor for the second year in a row thanks to his Iron Man role.  However when Downey’s  contract was up last year he only negotiated to sign on for Avengers 2 & 3.  He recently teased that he could return for a Iron Man 4 film.

Prediction: RDJ will ride this wave until his bank account resembles Tony Starks.

Chris Evans on the other hand has made it clear once the contract with Marvel is up he’ll be hanging up Captain Americas shield.  “I think when I’m done with this Marvel contract, I’ll take a little break from acting.”  Evans has only 3 films left to fulfill that contract, Avengers 2, 3  Captain America 3.

 Prediction:  Marvel will look to the comics for inspiration.


The last member of the big three  Chris Hemsworth stands to win out big time financially.  Marvel cannot afford to lose two of its big three Avengers.   He can demand a God like contract similar to what Downey signed.  Hemsworth has not ruled out a return once his contract is up.

 Prediction: Thor will be swinging his hammer for a few more films after Avengers 3.

   Plan B


The Hulk will still be smashing the box office past Avengers 3.  Mark Ruffalo signed a 6 picture deal with Marvel.  The only difference between his and the big three is that hes only fulfilled one of those movies.  Leaving room for three more films after Avengers 3.  Ruffalo has been advocating for a Hulk film and I am sure he will get it.  Most assumed Marvel was afraid to do another Hulk movie after the last two were bust.  However it was smart to leave this candy in their back pocket. Prediction: Ruffalo will get his solo shot.

Paul Rudd is the newbie movie hero with his upcoming Ant-Man now under production.  Rudd is not only getting his own solo film but I believe Marvel has him set up as the backup Avenger for any of the departed. I have some concerns about this film.  The original director Edgar Wright departed just before production as well as a couple of actors.  Marvel brought in a new team to help rewrite script, which is scary at this stage in the game.  Add in the fact Ant-man isn’t the most popular hero to begin with and well…

Prediction: Ant-man will flop in comparison to the big threes numbers.  However he will still replace Captain America in Avengers 4.


Dr Strange movie has been announced now the question is who will play him?  Those of us that are Sherlocked have been pushing for Benedict Cumberbatch.  The other fan favorite rumor is Marvel is after Jared Leto, who in my opinion is the best fit.  However I do not believe either of those two actors will commit to a long contract with Marvel.  A recent report from Deadline has Joaquin Phoenix as Marvels next leading hero.  No question whoever they choose must be a strong well known actor because they could need to further replenish the Avengers if RDJ or Hemsworth opts out.

Prediction: I believe Marvel will surprise us and sign Keanu Reeves

What Marvel should do

Listen I’m just some geek blogger sitting in his pajama pants with a empty cup of noodle soup to his right, so what do hell do I know?  Well I may not have the wits of Marvels execs but I do know comics and movies.  Heres a list of what I think can keep Marvel on its strong course post Avengers 3.


  1.   Develop the rest of the supporting characters.  Samuel L. Jacksons Nick Fury is on point but Hawkeye and Black Widow could use more screentime.  Scarlett Johanssen had her coming out party in Winter soldier.  They failed by not capitalizing on that by announcing a movie starring her.  A story centered around Black Widow, Nick Fury and Hawkeye would do wonders.  No one could use this more than Jeremy Renner who is the only one playing on the C-team of the Avengers.
  2. Less Loki is good.  I love Tom Hiddleston but enough already.  He was not a formidable adversary to the Avengers but still the beloved actor was chosen as its main villain.  You know he’ll be in Thor 3 but besides that we can use a break from the Trickster.
  3. Bring in another strong female character.  Maybe Scarlet Witch will fill that role come Avengers 2 but I want someone worthy of getting a solo film.  Captain Marvel is the one that comes to mind. captainmarvel
  4. More Winter Soldier and Falcon!  Afterall one of them will be replacing Cap if Evans is done.  Most likely Sebastian Stan who signed on for a 9 picture deal with Marvel.  So show us the bad ass Winter Soldier is and break him in as someone worthy to be the next Captain America.  Anthony Mackie’s Falcon needs to become more prominent moving foward.  He was the surprise of Captain America: The Winter soldier in my opinion and he could fit in well on The Avengers team.wpid-picsart_1396776307823.jpg
  5. Give us Black Panther.  I’ll be the first to admit I was pissed Marvel gave Ant-man a film before Black Panther.  He would be the perfect character to replace a Iron Man, Thor or Captain America on the team.  black-panther-movie-image

Marvel is dominating the big screen but with changes eventually coming and the pressure from DC’s Justice League on its way.  How long can they hold the throne?


A fathers fight

15 Jun
Happy Fathers day

Happy Fathers day

Today’s Fathers day and I’ve received numerous calls and texts wishing me a “Happy Fathers day.”  I appreciate them all but at the risk of sounding ungrateful they make me sad.  Truth is I’m dealing with a battle a battle to be a father, which is a shame because I think I’m a damn good one.  I maybe far from perfect I make mistakes but I try to be the best I can for my girl.  However her mother doesn’t see it that way.  I’m not going to use this as a forum to bash her we have our differences and sadly my daughter is stuck in the middle.  Therefore this fathers day is not the happy one it should be for me.

I dont need to be congratulations or to be commended for the job I’ve done as a father.  Its my duty, one I take on with honor and do with love.  I’ll never understand how someone can just abandon a child, I’ll go to war for my little girl.  No one can push me out her life let alone myself willingly give up that right.  When she say’s “Daddy I love you”, “Daddy I miss you”, “Call me tonight daddy” it melts my heart like no other persons words ever can.

That alone is motivation to fight on, to be in her life.  If you have a child don’t put them at odds with the other parent.  Mothers do not use them as pawns to move and navigate to get what you want.  Fathers do not take out the anger you have towards a bad relationship on them.  Our kids are innocent all they want is a parents love and if you are fortunate enough to have someone who wants to be in the picture for child do not deny them that right.   In the end kids will grow and they’ll determine who their parents are for themselves.

When its all said and done only one person can judge me as a father.  Not the courts, my friends, parents, or her mother.  The only opinion that matters is that of my child.  One day she’ll be old enough to look back at me as a father and I am confident she’ll be able to say “Happy Fathers day” with pride and love.

I leave you with these words I wrote on her birthday

On this day five years ago my daughter was born. During her life I’ve learned and grown. Nothing stands out more than my ability to endure. I thought I was a zero but on this day I became a superhero. No xray vision, I cant fly above. My only super power is a father’s love.



What is the Spirit of Christmas?

6 Dec


It’s the first week of December and you know what that means? Get ready to be broke by this time next month thanks to our favorite commercial holiday Christmas.  What do you mean Christmas is a religious holiday? Santa Clause would kick Jesus ass in a poll this time of year, Jesus is king in most places all year around but lets be real here in the U.S we’ve made the Clause boss of December.  We only have him to thank for our financial woes to start the new year, thank goodness for Uncle Sam and his refund aka most of our vacation money.  It’s time to start figuring out the spirit of Christmas folks sure we hear the songs on the radio see the decorations and know it’s time to shop but do you really feel the spirit and what is it?

I’m that guy who gets a fake tree I don’t like to clean up messy leaves and having to toss it out after the new year.  I am quite the bum its much easier buying my standard plastic tree that sits in a box all year in the attic then picking out one in the cold.  So you like the smell of a tree in your living room I have a easy solution get some Pine sol that’s right the cleaning product.  And spritz your tree with it trust me it will smell pineier then the real thing.  I love the people that go all out decorating its really pretty and heck if you got the time and can afford that outrageous electric bill go for it.  I rather keep my decorations indoors but that comes from years of living in an apartment don’t think my jewish landlord would be to fond of me saint nicking up the place.

Then theres the shopping some of you already took a hit to the wallet if your one of those black Friday bargain hunters who left your house under the influence of the itis thanks to turkey, potato, pies and what ever else you stuffed yourself with.  Leaving the comfort of your home at midnight or four AM with your silly tired asses all in the name of early Christmas shopping and saving a few bucks.  Chances are you won’t even wake up at 3 am to go to work but you can sure get up for that 25 dollar gift card you can get at Macys.  I could never do this and hey more power to those of you that do, I prefer sitting my lazy latino ass on my comfy couch scratching and sniffing my balls while watching Sportscenter and shopping on my Tablet.

I did not grow up in a rich household by any stretch of the imagination, I was lucky to get a gift on Christmas and maybe my birthday from my parents.  And that’s cool especially cause whatever I got was something I wanted a toy or videogame.  I’ll never forget how excited I was that Christmas morning I got my Nitendo I’d turn into a life long gamer that day.  I also remember all the crappy gifts I got from Aunts, Uncles and other relatives.  It was always a sweater or underwear never a He-man sword or Ninja Turtle.  I know that philosophy get them what they need not want sometimes applies but if you can folks get the kids a toy or a book on Christmas something that show’s you know who they are and what they like.  Or they will grow up secretly hating you.

Thankfully we live in a time  with a  new North Pole called the internet and all you got to do is search and click pretty sweet.  Especially if your friends and family have gone out of there way to tell you exactly what they want this year by making a wishlist.  Yeah it takes away the fun of personalizing gifts, I love knowing someone went out of there way to get me what they knew I would like.  Shows they took time and effort, but most of us don’t have that much time and we tend to suck at gift giving.  So internet shopping is an easy solution to most of the problems we encounter with Christmas shopping.

I have even in-cooperated social networks into my gift giving, I’m on Google plus if you never heard of G+ it’s like Facebook for the smart cool kids.  There a group of people started a Secret Santa so you can find your internet friends or even strangers and get them gifts off of their Amazon Wishlist.  I know sounds creepy right?  Well its not especially when I just saw a beautiful picture of my friend and her son playing with a toy I brought him off her list.    She lives across the country and I’ve never met her in real life but to see those lovely smiles touched me.

That my friends is the spirit of Christmas it’s not about the most expensive thing nor is it about Santa or Jesus.  Simmer down now I am not trying to get into a religious debate, to each his own believe in what or who you want nothing is wrong with that folks.  What you should make Christmas about is making someone smile, whether its picking a random stranger off the internet.  Or giving your cold mailman a cup of coffee to warm up, maybe drawing a funny picture for your coworker in the cubicle next to you.  Whatever you do make it about someone else and giving them a smile then you get a free pass to be a dick or a bitch all day trust me it works.  Seriously though show someone you normally wouldn’t you care it goes along way at making the world a better place.