Tricks and treats

27 Oct


Don’t you just love how adults stole Halloween from kids?  Seriously over the last few years more and more grown-ups are getting in on the fun.  It’s no longer just for the little ones nor is it limited to just one day a year, its celebrated weekend before and the day of.  Everyone dresses up to attend the costume parties and hit the club scene in sometimes original, outrageous and creative outfits.  I remember one year there was this guy with a 3rd leg hanging from his crotch. Another of my favorites was also starring a crotch hmm beginning to see a pattern here.  This other dude was dressed as a priest but he atttached a fake little boy to his crotch, outrageous but funny.  Simple can work too, once ran into a guy on train dressed normal but he wore a “hello my name is _____” sticker and filled in blank with God, thought that was clever.   I hate when costumes get played out by everyone wearing it, like when there were a million jokers, or the year of jersey shore.  I’m sure this season we’ll see our share of Charlie sheens.  Halloweens also an excuse for closeteers to crossdress and think no one suspects them.  But dude if your costumes get gayier everyyear somethings fishy so just come out its all good.  Halloween is the gayest holiday, the gay community loves it.  I think they made it cool for all adults to enjoy so thanks for pathing the way.  I went to NYCs Halloween parade once and boy do gays know how to have fun with Halloween.  Matter fact my favorite couples costume ever was gay bert & Ernie.  No adult group benefits from Halloween more then the women.  It’s the one time of year they can dress totally slutty and get away with it.  I mean wow do girls take advantage of Halloween weekend.  I’ve seen the usual cheerleaders,maids, school girls etc.  But some girls even find ways of making Freddy Kugar, Mrs potatohead and strawberry shortcake sexy, Mrs potatohead really?  Well hey me and the rest of the male species won’t complain, actually remind me to thank god next time I see him on the subway.


One Response to “Tricks and treats”

  1. Elke October 27, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

    Lol i lOve halloween Its fun but ur right about the gays no one has more fun wit it than them and the sluts — women if all shapes and sizes use it as an excuse to be slutty whether they can get away with it or not

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